Choosing the right landscape designing services

Landscaper Gardener

Looking for a commercial landscaping company that will cater to your needs can be a tough task. Aside from the rates and costs that you look at, it is also important that they provide quality landscaping services.

To turn your property into an amazing garden, our landscape professionals take care of the maintenance and growth of greenery. Your commercial landscape must have lush green lawn and trees, using environment-friendly techniques. It can help your corporate identity by transforming your image into a company that also cares for the environment.

Increase in Market Price

Our commercial landscape can change the look of your office, making it stand out. A beautiful landscape makes the client take notice, resulting in more visitors in your office. If all other offices will take notice, the entire commercial area will transform into a beautiful commercial area. More visitors will be attracted, and the value of the entire area will increase. And it is all because of you!

Attract Future and Current Clients

As your professional landscaping company, we will maintain your landscape beautifully. A beautiful landscape will put your clients in a friendly disposition. Who would not want to be greeted by lush, green landscape? They are more inclined to listen to you and accept your offer. Amazing trees and lawns in the backdrop will win the hearts of prospective and future clients.

Boost in Productivity

Who would not like to be surrounded by lush, green landscape at work? We are here to make that happen for you. Studies show that employees work with more enthusiasm if surrounded by green, verdant landscape. A Greater level of enthusiasm translates to efficient and faster work.

Talk to us to start your landscape project. We’ll help you give your employees a conducive environment to work with.

Our Landscaping Services

If you look at the market right now, you can see a lot of commercial landscaping companies out there. Not all can cater to your landscaping needs. What sets Evergreen Landscaping apart is that our landscape professionals not only provide the basic services. We also make sure to address to your specialty needs as well.

We have a wide experience of providing excellent lawn care to different commercial property. From corporate headquarters for a multinational company, a resort area frequented by thousands of people every year, to local offices of small businesses. We have worked to provide great lawn maintenance and care to show that level of professionalism you’d like your company to promote.

We don’t mow the lawn for you. As your trusted professional landscaping company, we also take care of the bushes and shrubs in your landscape. We have a skilled arborist to look after your shrubbery and bushes.

Our services include making sure that your lawn and other vegetation are receiving enough water. Putting irrigation systems into your landscape can assure you that your plants will continue to look good all year round.

The other aspects of landscaping use timbers, bark, pebbles, and other elements. They also require maintenance and upkeep like the lawn, trees, and shrubbery. Keeping those areas looking as organized and pristine as when they were first placed provides just as much impact on those who see it as those living elements do.

Not all landscaping companies can cater to these services mentioned. Don’t waste your time looking for several different companies to fulfill your every landscape needs. Talk to us here at Evergreen Landscaping so we can provide you a quote. Let’s discuss what landscape design will work best for your property. We have landscaping maintenance, design, and irrigation services in one package. We also offer winter property services. We are your one-stop shop for all your commercial landscaping needs. Talk to us right now!




Every lawn is beautiful if it's maintained. Having your lawn a professional four season maintenance gives beauty to your lawn all the time. This is applicable for residential or commercial properties.

Irrigation Systems & Lawn Sprinkler Installation & Repairs


Keep your lawn always green! With a sprinkler and irrigation system, your lawn will stay green. Get the best lawn sprinkler and irrigation contractors and stay green.


Get rid of your ugly dry lawn! Replacing it with a sod will turn your empty ground into a fresh and green lawn. We give professional sod installation services to residential or commercial properties.

Installation of Patios & Walkways


Thinking of building a patio to your property? Or do you want to give your walkways a landscape design? Here at Evergreen, we give professional landscaping design to patios and walkways. Contact us now!

Build & Create Outdoor Living Spaces


Living in a house wherein you can spend more time to relax and enjoy the landscape view is priceless! Develop your outdoor and bond with your family. Call us for a professional outdoor living service.



Paving your driveway will boost the elegance of your property! Here at Evergreen, we give professional driveway paving services for residential or commercial properties. Call us now!

Pond and Fountain Installation & Service


Your pond could get even prettier! Installing water features to your ponds will give attraction to it. Call Evergreen Landscaping Georgia for professional pond & fountain services.


Every landscape needs a drainage system. Building drainage system will save your lawn from being flooded and will keep your landscape intact.

Hardscape wall building & Retaining Walls


Want to make your landscape more beautiful? Installing a hardscape will increase the beauty of your property. Here at Evergreen Landscaping Georga, we give professional hardscaping services to residential or commercial properties.


North Georgia's Premier Commercial & Residential Landscape Contractor.

Whether it's residential yard work or commercial turf management we have you covered. From landscape design to lawn maintenance we do it all. Learn more.



Lawn & Garden Maintenance

We specialize in providing your property with regular care. Our maintenance programs for apartments, high rise buildings, office buildings, and retail establishments are set up to your specific needs.

Residential Landscaping Services & Lawn Care

Residential Landscape Services

Our team of experienced specialists will provide you with a custom design for your planting, hardscape, lighting and drainage. You can rest in our comprehensive knowledge of plants, lawn products, and maintenance strategies.

Commercial & Multi Residential Services

Our team of professional contractors will complete all your planting, hardscape, lighting, drainage, pavers and retaining walls with the utmost quality and timeliness.