Things to consider when building a water garden

commercial water gardens

Almost everyone will agree that water is always associated with having fun, relaxation and has a calming effect on our otherwise busy lives. That’s the reason why people spend their vacations at the beach, or at the lake or take camping trips near big rivers. Throughout centuries, water is associated with calmness and clarity. Therefore building a water garden in your office or business premise would promote a relaxing atmosphere to your customers as well as to your employees. The beauty

Therefore building a water garden in your office or business premise would promote a relaxing atmosphere to your customers as well as to your employees. The beauty it will add to your business establishment is definitely worth your time and money. An outdoor water garden will enhance any landscape. Almost everyone is attracted to the sight and sound of water. Additionally, you will be excited with the prospect of growing and seeing new kinds of plants in your very own water garden.

There are several factors that need to be considered when building a water garden.

The Site

Place your water garden in an area where potential customers will be able to see it. Just don’t forget that most water plants need full sunlight for them to flourish. Most importantly, ensure that drainage won’t be a cause of headache. You can be assured that a professional will be able to foresee this factor.


An oval water garden may seem to be too simple. However, keep in mind that an intricate design will create areas where water can’t move to be filtered. What you can do is, you can design your water garden by arranging the water plants in such a way that will result in a free-form effect.

The Pond Structure

In order to achieve the best water garden, it is recommended by the experts to always use a stone shelf, a plant shelf, and a header pond.

To create a level surface for the rocks that hold the liner in place, a stone shelf is built. It is also the ledge around the rim of the main pool. It also hides the edges of the liner.

The plant shelf is another ledge just below the stone shelf. The purpose is to create an underwater planter.

Lastly, it’s going to be the header pool. This is a small area where the water accumulates. Its function is to create a more natural flow of the water as it spills down the waterfall.

Water Plants

When planning an outdoor or indoor water garden, water plants will be the next thing that needs to be talked about. Just to name a few but not limited to:

  • Siam Aurora Chinese Evergreen Plant
  • Ocean Spider Plant
  • Golden Devil’s Ivy
  • Hirt’s Peace Lily Plant
  • Heart Leaf Philodendron The list can go on and on. It’s all up to you to choose. Just always keep in mind that the water plants need maintenance.

The list can go on and on. It’s all up to you to choose. Just always keep in mind that the water plants need maintenance.


It is expected that your contractor, as well as your architect, will be able to assist you in acquiring the necessary permits before they start the digging. It is to make sure that no utility lines will be destroyed including water pipes. This is applicable to an outdoor water garden. However, if it is indoors, then your contractor will be there to assist you in ensuring that when installing an indoor water garden it will not cause any damage.

The Liner

The liner is very important since this is a material that will promote water retention. For outdoor water gardens, you can use old carpets, tire rubbers, and the likes. For indoor water gardens, your contractor can employ the use of glass, water tight ceramics or fiber glass.


If your indoor water garden project involves the use of a waterfall, you will need a skimmer box, a hose, a pump, and plumbing.


Maintenance is an important factor. With proper maintenance, your indoor water garden will provide you, your employees and your prospective employees a lifetime of enjoyment.

The skimmer box is important for the filtration process. Bacteria are also needed for biological filtration. It will eat ammonia that is harmful to your fish and some water plants; it will also break down nitrates that are beneficial for your fishes and the plants that you are growing.

There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the soft dribble or water, whether you are outside your premises or inside your office. What’s more, not only will a water garden promote serenity and calmness but will also enhance your landscape as well as add attraction to your business property.



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