What you should know about seasonal planting

commercial seasonal planting

If you have just bought a house, it’s very common for you to plan out how your garden would look like. You’ve probably thought of planting flowers, trees and other kinds of plants.

Garden plants are usually categorized into annuals and perennials, both having their own advantages and disadvantages. Perennial plants can live for many years. Annuals, on the other hand, need to be planted yearly. They are often planted as seeds and nursed into full flowering plants. They require more care since they require weeding and replanting each year.

If you are busy and have little time to work on your garden, you can choose to plant perennials because they only require cutting them back at the end of the growing season. They can grow well on their own. These plants don’t produce flowers as vibrant as annuals except for some like roses, day lilies and seasonal flowers like daffodils, tulips, lilac bushes, peonies, and daisies. You can create a garden with both annuals and perennials

Perennial plants cost more than annual plants so if you are on a budget, planting annuals is the way to go. They cost very little especially if you plant them from seed. If you want uniform placement and instant color for your garden, you might consider planting starter plants. They are cheaper but they require more attention since they need constant watering, weed pulling, and dead-heading. But this is actually a fun thing to do if you don’t mind the hard work. It is important that you carefully consider placement since it is hard to transplant perennials once they have taken root.

The main advantage of perennials is their ability to adapt to weather conditions. After planting them once, they can bloom year after year or every other year. Actually, newly planted perennial plants may not bloom the first year or two.

Another great thing about perennial plants is that you can add a few plants a year to your landscape until you’re contented with its appearance. A landscaping investment like this becomes fruitful especially when the time comes that you’d want to sell your house.
The main advantage of annual plants is the varieties and bright colors that you can choose from. It is more affordable, too. You can change the look of your landscape to something different every year if you wish to. However, they are not as resilient as perennials. They can die if you have an extremely hot and dry summer, or if fall comes early. You may need to consider your placement and install a sprinkler system to keep them alive.

Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of both annuals and perennials, it might be best to combine the two and produce a landscape with the resilient perennials and colorful annuals. This way, you can add to your landscape investment and enjoy the colors and variety of your garden.


Like humans, plants are also susceptible to diseases. These diseases can be caused by fungi, bacteria, or viruses. They can manifest in the stunted growth, spotted leaves, and yellowing leaves of infected plants. Not all diseases can be treated, but there are organic or synthetic methods you can use to effectively control them. One simple way to prevent and reduce plant disease is knowing how to tell if a plant is healthy. Picking disease resistant varieties of plants and being able to identify the primary types of plant disease can also help in controlling this kind of problem.

Eco-Friendly Ideas

It is important to practice eco-friendly ideas in creating your own garden so choose to be wise with the many resources available to you.

Fertilizers and Chemicals

Because gardening is part science, making sure you have the right mix of nutrients for your plants is vital to your garden’s success. Whether you choose to garden organically or traditionally, fertilizers add desirable nutrients to the soil. Understanding what the numbers on the fertilizer package mean will help ensure your plants receive the proper balance they require.

Using the right mix of nutrients is vital for building a healthy and beautiful garden. These nutrients and minerals usually are found in fertilizers and chemicals

Properly balancing the use of chemicals in your garden to fight pests is also important. You may choose only organic pest control methods, using botanical insecticides, or opt for synthetic pesticides.

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Flower Gardening

From annuals to perennials, flower gardening can be a world unto itself. Whether you’re starting flowers from seed, landscaping with flowers to add a splash of color and personality, or just trying to understand the difference between an annual vs. perennial, give your garden the best possible start. Happy growing!



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