Choosing the right trees and shrubs type

commercial trees

The kinds of plants you’ll see in just about any garden, or somewhere nearby, are the trees and shrubs.
For the beauty and pleasure of your garden, such are good resources to put around.

Different Types

You’ll find trees and shrubs of all shapes — powerfully vertical, pyramidal, conical. There is also variety in growing patterns, and some even have scents, like the needles on cypress and juniper trees.

Weeping trees are some of the most delightfully scented varieties. Smelling like caramel which comes with stunning fall colors, both the Katsura tree and the Cercidiphyllum Pendulum are good examples.

Another variety is the Silver Lime. Sweeten your garden with Buddleja Alternifolia’s honey scent in the early summer. Working with trees and shrubs can be definitely exciting because they offer so many ways of bringing “excitement” to your garden.

Every Setting Works

What’s amazing about a tree or shrub is that there’s at least one for every garden. Even small gardens benefit from them, although you must be careful not to crowd out all the sunlight. A formal garden will go well, for example, with Blue Atlas Cedar, Scots Pine or Cedar of Lebanon.

Accent the Whole Property

When you put in a tree or shrub, you’re not just adding to the garden itself, but the entire property. Hence, consider how much shade your tree is likely to throw as it grows around the corner. Too much would make your garden seem gloomy and keep your other plants from sunlight.

And consider placing a bench under the tree to create a comfortable spot for keen garden observation.

Privet is generally one of the more common hedging choices, but a box is equally good, especially for clipped topiary. With a box, you can make elephants, peacocks, pyramids, and teddy bears. Unluckily, you may not like the smell for some people say box smells like urine.

Rest Your Weary Soul

In windy parts of the countryside, shrubs and trees are great tools to get some respite. You can create a whole different world in your backyard if your property has an orientation suited to one like this.

Eucalyptus trees grow so fast, so you might take into consideration having them as wind barriers. Also, they have a honey scent in their flowers and a minty one in their foliage. If you prune them, they can stay at an ideal size, and the blue leaves can add an exotic touch to your garden plot.

Trees and shrubs are an important part of our ecosystem, and including them in your garden could be an ideal means of creating the type of atmosphere you would always love.

Plenty of people have written entire books about trees pretty similar to that of Joyce Kilmer’s, and even more, have done the same for shrubs. What is the difference between a tree and a shrub?

Obviously, one difference is that trees typically have a single main trunk, while shrubs often have multiple stems, but in truth, this difference (which isn’t universal anyway) is merely a means to an end. And that end is height – shrubs are shorter than trees.

However, a new analysis of a huge global plant database, reported in the journal Trends in Ecology & Evolution, shows that it’s not like that. The distribution of height in woody plants clearly has two peaks, with a distinct trough between them. One peak has an average height of 85ft (26m), and the other has a height of 9ft (2.8m). Simply, trees and shrubs are not just arbitrary labels, a result of the overpowering human desire to classify and name anything and everything. They really exist.

The question, of course, is why? Why do most woody plants want to be tall, or short, but apparently not somewhere in between – specifically, why is it that about 26-33ft (8-10m) high seems so unpopular?

The first is the rather obvious one that the world’s natural vegetation is divided quite sharply into two very broad types: those that are dominated by trees and those that are not. In areas where it’s too dry, too cold, too windy, woody plants don’t have to grow tall to compete for light, so they don’t. Here, all they have to do is beat the herbaceous competition, which is easy – the same database shows that while herbaceous (non-woody) plants vary a lot, they grow in average only around 3ft (1m) in height.

On the other hand, in woodland, woody plants have to compete with each other for light and the only way to do that is to grow taller than the others. Of course, that doesn’t in itself explain why they have to be so much taller than shrubs. That is simple, trees don’t “need” to be so tall. If an average tree is 85ft (26m) tall, then the canopy of leaves is sitting on top of at least 65ft (20m) of fairly useless wood, but it would work just as well.

So to speak, trees are forced to play the dangerous game of being taller than they would like – so tall in fact that the tallest trees are limited only by the laws of physics. Shrubs, which aren’t playing the same game at all, can be much smaller.



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