Getting the idea of trimming and pruning

commercial trimming

Experts pruning and trimming trees make it seem easy, but there is so much more to it than just cutting here and there. While some tasks can be done on your own using your pruners and saws, most of them are best left to the professionals. According to them, the right pruning and trimming has to do with what portions to cut, how much, and when to do it.

The terms trimming and pruning are often interchangeably used to denote cutting trees, but for clarification, just remember that trimming has to do with grooming. Pruning has to do with the tree’s health, as well as the safety of people and structures around the tree.

Cutting Classifications

People have tree pruning and trimming services for four general classifications, two of which have to do with trimming and the others are related to pruning.

  • The first, trimming or fine pruning, entails cutting to improve the tree’s appearance.
  • The second, standard pruning, involves more cutting to improve the tree’s overall structure.
  • The third, safety pruning or hazard pruning, is one where branches are removed, so as for considering safety measures. When branches hang too low causing any danger, those trees are pruned.
  • The fourth, crown reduction, involves removing the branches on the tops or sides of trees.

This is typically done to prevent trees from reaching utility lines or damaging roofs, and to allow air and sunlight to reach inner branches.

Pruning the Right Way

Tree pruning and trimming services, when done by trained professionals, definitely ensure that your trees are pruned correctly and efficiently. If you intend to do the pruning on your own, refrain from using climbing spurs, which can cause damage to tree trunks and barks. Make sure that the bark on the edges of the pruning cuts is still firmly attached. As for large, heavy branches, make sure to cut them in sections to prevent the bark from tearing or splitting. Note that you have to use ropes to lower the large branches. Do not throw them to the ground.

Pruning the Right Time

You can have tree pruning and trimming services at any time of the year. These services depend on the kinds of trees you have. In spring, flowering trees that bloom can be trimmed or pruned right after they flower. In early spring, those that bloom in summer need to be pruned. It is recommended to prune fruit-bearing trees during late winter, so as to give them shape and allow sunlight to shine on the tree’s surface, especially at the center.

Hardwood trees or shrubs without flowers are best pruned in the dormant season, during late fall or even during winter. As for dead branches, these can be cut at any time of the year.

Tree Pruning and Trimming Services from the Experts

Cutting tree branches is not as simple as it may seem. Without the proper tools and equipment, it can lead to accidents. That is risky, isn’t it? When doing the pruning and trimming yourself, make sure to fasten yourself to a tree using at least two secure points. Work with someone who will raise the cutting tools to you. Have yourself protected with gloves, safety glasses, and a hard hat for optimum protection.

If everything else fails, do not fret there are always professionals who are willing and able to do tree pruning and trimming services for you.

Tree trimming services are essential to keep the trees in your yard looking great and healthy. If you have a tree that is damaged, you should consider a tree removal service to ensure it will not damage your home during a storm or heavy wind.

For fruit trees to bear abundantly and remain healthy, they’ll need to be pruned from time to time. Here are some examples of how to prune certain fruit trees:


Apple trees need to be pruned a bit harder than you might desire. They should be reduced by about a third every winter, because the harder they’re pruned back, the harder they’ll grow back. Pruning in the summer isn’t encouraged because you’d be taking out new growth. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Apple trees either bear fruit on their tips or on their spurs, which are compressed shoots or fruit buds that grow on lateral branches. Tips are the very ends of the wood that grow in the last season. If you need to prune a spur bearing apple tree, cut it back by half every year. The lateral branches should be cut back to three or four buds that will encourage the spurs to grow even more.

You can also prune in a three-year cycle. This is because people believe that second and third-year wood produces the best fruit of all. The tree should have at least six strong branches growing of its central trunk. The laterals grow out of these branches. After the third year, the entire lateral should be cut out, so that a new one will take its place.

If the tree is tip bearing, of course, do not cut off the shoots that hold the terminal buds, for they produce the next season’s fruit. Pruning a tip bearing tree is a bit challenging because you want to keep the tree compact without getting rid of the fruit wood. The best thing to do is saw out whole big, old branches when they are top producing. New branches will grow in the other’s place. Though you may find this brutal, it makes a tree more fruitful than ever.


Once a plum tree is established, it won’t need much pruning except to make sure that the limbs and branches don’t crowd each other. This is to say that plums can be trained to be open trees or pyramids or can be grown on espaliers.

Japanese plums need to be pruned more heavily than European types. Once in a year, dead or very old wood should be cut out. In spring, pruning plum trees should be done to cut down to get rid of diseases.

Peaches, Nectarines, and Cherries

These trees also don’t require the sort of hard pruning that an apple tree does. Old branches should be pruned to see to it that there’s always a supply of year-old wood. You can also prune peaches and nectarines to maintain their shape. Sour cherry trees only fruit on the previous year’s wood and sweet cherries appear on wood that’s two years old or older, so the tree should be pruned to make sure that there’s always a supply of new growth.

One rule about pruning any tree is that the cuts shouldn’t be done too close to the bud, lest the bud be damaged. The cut should also not be made in between the buds. The cut should be at the right angle, so that rain can slide off of the limb, thereby producing ample supply of water needed for the tree’s growth and wellness.




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