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We appreciate our customers so much. It’s makes our day when they feel the same way.

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First and foremost I want to say thank you for the work performed at my home. My wife and I was very pleased.

Searching for a reputable company online was a very hard task. I suppose the landscaping business is a very booming line of work as Ever-Green was the only company out of 5 that had the time out of their busy day to return my call.

The project Manager “Gill” showed up on our appointment as promised and notated all the plans I had in mind. I received a diagram with the EST cost within 48 hours at a price I thought was fair considering the scope of the job.

The day of my appointment I was very surprised to see “Christy” A very charming young lady that introduced her self as the lead. I must say the guys had a very hard time keeping up with her.

Kudo’s to Daniel for really helping me out. I originally had a mess of Azalea bushes I wanted pulled out. My wife apparently was in love with those vile bushes and wanted to keep them. Daniel even approached me about the looks. Daniel pointed out to my wife that the bushes were in fact dying. He explained there were other plants that bloom and keep colors in the winter and low maintenance. Using his expert advice I was soon off to Pikes to buy additional bushes with my Wife’s blessing. Go figure.

I hate too admit there was another young gentleman that was very soft spoken and I hate to admit I can not remember his name. I do remember him smiling most of the day and being the really experienced one placing my stone wall so that every piece fit perfect and level.

I consider myself very lucky That I simply stumbled upon Ever-Green. I received a very professional experience and my Wife absolutely loves the way our yard looks now. My neighbor even made a compliment of the work performed.

That being said If ever have a need for landscaping company again or have a friend in need I definitely recommend your company. I do have one other need if you could be assistance. I have a very large Pecan tree I can never harvest due to the D*** squirrels. If I provide the machine guns….How much you charge me take those Evil creatures out?

Thank you Once Again
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Kathy’ subtitle=’Best Customer Service I’ve experienced in a very, very long time!!!’ link=” linktext=”]
Hi Debbie:

First of all, please feel free to use any or all of this email for your website or any other purpose.

I just wanted to thank you guys for everything.  You, Miss Debbie Smith, have been wonderful all the way through…communicative, pro-active, and kind and responsive…I don’t know that anyone could ask for anything more from an Office Administrator!!! Best Customer Service I’ve experienced in a very, very long time!!!

We are so happy with the result of the work your team did that we insist that you share our comments with others (at least the “higher-ups” with your company)!

Christy Earley (on-site team leader) and Daniel Rodriguez  (on-site team leader) were highly professional, yet SO friendly and concerned with what we wanted as a final result. They checked with me at every turn, and never said “no”!!!  They both offered advice on certain elements that ultimately improved the final result, (and that you cannot buy!).

So, from start to finish, my experience with you guys harkens back to the “good ole’ days” of customer service.

Debbie, you answered my call with a friendly and helpful voice, and scheduled the best possible time for ME to have the estimate done, and followed up promptly and courteously to confirm everything.

Gil came promptly at the time agreed-upon, and listened to what we wanted, suggested appropriate methods, and gave us an estimate the next day!  He was respectful and listened to me and responded with exactly what I asked for….When we changed our minds a day later, and asked for a different estimate, you, and he, responded promptly with exactly what we asked for…and, though more expensive, it was what we wanted, and you guys were ready to provide the service so quickly, with a reasonable down-payment.

Then your team (Christy, Daniel and Team) showed up exactly at the appointed time (which was SO much sooner than we could even have hoped for!), checked in with me and began work.

There were obstacles that may have been unexpected, but you guys impressed me with the fact that you saw them, stepped aside for a moment and had a team meeting, then after approving your decision with me, attacked the problem with perfect results!

I can never thank you all enough for the beautiful results of this project.  We are so happy with the difference it made to our home, and we couldn’t have dreamed of anything better!

So Thank You to you Debbie, Gil, Christy and Daniel (and the others in the team) for being so efficient, considerate, concerned, and talented (!).

I don’t know what else to say but that we appreciate you all for providing us with the dream that was in our heads but was not nearly as lovely as you guys helped us realize.

Please tell everyone there how much we appreciate everything.

You are a wonderful team, a joy to work with, and you guys KNOW your business!!!!

There is no cost that would not have made this worth every penny, and in our estimation, we truly got a bargain and a blessing.

Please take care.  Wish everyone well.  And KNOW that we WILL be back in touch for the projects we are planning for next spring.

Much, much love and appreciation!