A proper performing irrigation system can save you money, conserve water and promote a healthier landscape.

A good irrigation system will give your grass and flowers the perfect amount of water, without waste, for a fresh and thriving lawn.

Evergreen Landscaping is skilled at planning, installing and maintaining irrigation systems throughout the North Gwinnett area.

Custom Designed Irrigation Systems

Landscaping needs water to grow healthy and look beautiful.

At Evergreen Landscaping we take the time to study your complete landscaping needs and plan out your customized irrigation design with you before any digging begins. We consider sun exposure, grass types, landscape plants, slope and more to ensure your new irrigation system provides the appropriate amount of water for your different planting areas.

install maintain sprinkler systemWith over 30 years experience, we know the importance of installing only high quality irrigation systems that precisely apply water only where it is needed. We can also install soil moisture sensors and rainfall shut-off devices to ensure irrigation occurs only when it is need.

We also program the system based on the water pressure throughout the piping system and proper time clock settings for your different irrigation zones and plant areas, using spray heads for turf grass and water-conserving drip systems for shrubs and groundcover.

Drip and Spinkler Systems

drip irrigation systemDrip irrigation systems are usually the best choice for watering a landscaped bed with trees, shrubs and perennials, because they give you perfect control over how much water each plant gets. Drip irrigation applies the water slowly specifically at the plant root and is not wasted watering mulched areas in between.

Sprinkler systems are most commonly used to water lawns and low groundcovers, because these types of planting can benefit from an even application of water over the entire area.

Irrigation System Repairs and Maintenance

Over time irrigation equipment can become damaged causing malfunctions. We can fix damaged hoses, sprinkler heads, valves and more whether the damage is caused by environmental wear, product lifespan or faulty installation. Our licensed irrigation technicians have the diirrigation installationagnostic equipment and parts to repair or upgrade your existing faulty system to make it more efficient and reduce your water usage costs.

We understand the need for a professional landscape irrigation systems and Evergreen has the qualification to meet those standards.

Contact us and let our highly trained staff provide you with an efficient and high quality irrigation system.

Irrigation technology has come a long way since the first sprinkler systems were installed. Now due to water conservation, spraying large amounts of water throughout a lawn is no longer acceptable.


The benefits of a drip irrigation system include:

  • Reduces water usage by 30% to 70%
  • Applies water directly to the roots where needed
  • Reduces erosion and runoff from wasted water
  • Benefits of healthier plants
  • Fewer weeds in mulched areas
  • Reduction of pest and diseases to plants