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Lawn drainage plays a very important role in a successful landscape. It is not beneficial for you and your family, including the plants and design on your landscape if the water drains slowly and accumulates on your yard. Often times, lawn drainage is not deemed as important as landscape irrigation. However, the importance of proper lawn drainage could never be stressed enough. To prevent certain problems from happening, observance and application of proper drainage system should be applied.

To prevent certain problems from happening, observance and application of proper drainage system should be applied. Stagnant water in your yard can cause serious problems which include:

Stagnant water in your yard can cause serious problems which include:

  • A great place for mosquitoes to breed therefore attracting mosquitoes to thrive
  • Allows fungus to grow along with other diseases in your lawn. Causing destruction on your plants.
  • There is a high chance of water seeping into your crawlspace and basement.
  • The purpose of landscaping your yard to make your property marketable or more beautiful is literally ‘drowned’ out by the pooling water just because of a poor drainage system.
  • Destroys other landscaping structures such as driveways, pathways, and patios. Water will erode the base of these structures causing changes in the contour of the underlying soil.

Those listed above are just some of the reasons why proper drainage needs to be installed and applied to your property. If you think you have drainage problems on your property and you have the necessary skills and knowledge to take care of the problem, by all means, do what you need to do. If you need professional help to resolve the flooding problem in your yard once and for all, call Evergreen Landscaping, LLC for fast and efficient assistance.

The drainage system should always be a part of your landscaping project. This is to prevent any destruction of your newly installed, walkways or pathways. There are several types of drainage systems that will work well with removing water around your house, pathways, driveways, gardens and roof without compromising the architectural design of your property.
There are four types of drainage system which includes:


The downspout is connected to your current gutter on a home that carries water away from your roof down to the ground. The shape of a downspout can be round and are made of copper, steel, and aluminum. The downspout would catch water from the gutters and divert it to the ground.


The slope drainage system, with the aid of pipes and of course the slope, hence the name, allows water to flow away from your property on its natural course. Employing the use of gravity, water will flow easily through the pipe and away from your yard. The pipe can be made from steel, concrete, or plastic. To prevent damage to the pipes, a sturdy grate is applied for protection.


The surface drainage requires ditches to be dug in a parallel pattern for it to work successfully. The ditches will lead the water away from the property to prevent flooding. If your area is flat, a surface drain is the ideal drainage choice. This is to prevent water pooling in areas where precipitation is present. The surface drainage system is an excellent choice for structures such as commercial buildings, driveways or pathways.


The subsurface drainage system is ideal for areas where the slope is incorrect or extremely flat. The reason behind is, the water could pool anywhere because it is trapped. No gravity or natural slope could aid in the water drainage. The ditches in subsurface drainage are deep because there is a need to install drainage piping. In some instances, a sump pump is needed to help in pushing the water through the pipes. Additionally, a large collector pipe is also installed to collect the water from the pipes, hence the name.
If water is left to pool in your yard or property, this will cause soil erosion and eventually damage to your well-maintained lawns, diseases on your prized plants, including structure damage. Don’t wait for this to happen, ask for professional help to get the job done.



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