Reasons why you need overflow systems

Residential overflow systems

Do you have sewer backup coverage on your homeowner’s insurance policy? Sewer backup is an often overlooked coverage that a homeowner doesn’t consider until it’s too late. Sewer’s can back up for various reasons and when it does, it’s a mess.

A typical sewer backup involves not only the water damage left behind but the cleanup of the offending water. The cleanup of “dirty” water and/or raw sewage is not for the faint of heart. The homeowner can be left with thousands of dollars in damage to carpet, drywall, trim and any contents that are low to the ground. The amount of water and/or sewer that results from a backup varies greatly depending on the cause of the backup and the system from which the backup occurs.

A home that has a contained septic system, one used for only that residence, the backup would be limited to the water output of that home. This would include dishwasher, wash machine, shower, toilets, and the like of just that home. Typically, the amount of water is limited because of that. If a home is connected to the sewer system, the amount of water can vary greatly based on the type of system, how many residences are connected to the system and where the home is located in the system.

Often, a sewer backup is combined with sump pump overflow to create coverage for both occurrences. A sump pump overflow typically occurs during a hard rain when the pump cannot keep up with the water being directed to the pump or in the event of a power outage. Most sump pumps are electrical, so when a storm occurs, you face both the threat of heavy rain and loss of power to the pump, an unfortunate chain of events. There are generators available to attach to your sump pump to offset this threat. The amount of water that escapes for the pump well would vary based on the amount of water draining into it. At least with a sump pump overflow, you are typically dealing with “clean” water.

A Sewer Back Up/ Sump Pump Overflow endorsement to your homeowner’s policy provides protection for the damage to your property, as well as the cost of cleanup. Some endorsements offer coverage for the building only, while others offer personal property coverage as well. You will often see a variety of limits available on this type of endorsement. Everyone’s needs are different, so make sure to look into what is right for your home and the exposure that you have.
Droughts are not uncommon in today’s world, unfortunately. All over the news are reports of areas stricken by drought, with little or no rainfall on the horizon. When the rain comes, they usually only provide temporary relief. However, if you have a tank for collection, you can make the water last much, much longer.

Part of the reason for a lack of water in the underground table is that humans have built over so much land. Things like concrete and asphalt do not absorb any water, so none gets into the soil where it needs to go. Buildings and other huge structures also block the collection of water and cause it to run off, causing dangerous erosion. Owning a collection tank can be a great help for this issue.

These tanks are built specifically to collect some of this rain and hold it in storage for later use. This water is safe to use for dishes, laundry, toilets, and landscaping. Meaning to say, drinking water is conserved for human consumption only.

These tanks can be installed in a variety of places, and pumps to use them can be purchased separately, often from the same dealer who sold the tank to you. The pumps are generally either manual or automatic, but with energy-saving features. This means less electricity is used, which is yet another benefit of this type of system.

There are two main types of tanks, underground and above ground. An above ground tank is just what it sounds like. It does not need a hole dug to place it, so you can put it on top of concrete, wood, or just dirt. You can place it near gutters to maximize the amount of water collected.

Underground tanks work much the same way, but they are buried underneath the ground. This is great for areas where ground space is at a premium and keeps them out of sight. People who want to store extra water for long term use often turn to an underground system for their storage needs.

There are various sizes and capacities available. If you wish only to use yours for gardening, a small 100-liter vessel might suffice. If you intend to use this is a source of water for household needs as well, you might look into a much larger 10,000-liter model.

The shape and color choices for a rainwater tank also vary quite a little. From pink to green, there is a color that suits your setting and taste. Round, square, and grid-like tanks are all available. Pick the one that is right for you, then sit back, and believe that the next drought will not be so hard on you.



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