Choosing the right outdoor kitchen style




This layout makes puts the appliances in a central location. It makes gathering around the cook much easier while prepping the meal.

Straight Line

This type of layout is installed against a wall and is ideal for small spaces. If this will be built beside your home, a professional is needed to ensure that your home is safe with non-combustible materials.


Similar to indoor kitchens, this is best for large outdoor kitchens.

Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

Choosing where you’re to put your outdoor kitchen can be considered by many factors. Make sure that the smoke doesn’t waft back into your home. Check the general wind pattern to make sure you can avoid this. Lighting is also important, it is recommended that your kitchen is facing the sun so it gets proper lighting during the day. Paths and steps should be well lighted too. If you have a good view, don’t waste it! Your outdoor kitchen can be put in a location where you can enjoy the view, both inside and outside your home. It is also important to think about the family’s safety. The grill shouldn’t be placed somewhere that has a lot of traffic, like kids running around, somewhere that Frisbee is being thrown around, or somewhere bikes are being used.Near Your House

Near Your House

If you are building near your home, your external walls help in protecting from strong winds. An overhanging roof can be built to add more shade at the same time. The closer your outdoor kitchen is, the easier it is to hook up your utilities. For poor ventilation, a vent system is installed to avoid a smoke-filled area.

Separate Outdoor Kitchen

For a separate outdoor kitchen area, it is best to build with all the necessities a regular indoor kitchen has like a fridge, a sink, or an oven. Storage is also important to enjoy your outdoor kitchen to the fullest. It’s hard to run to the house back and forth to grab something. A separate outdoor kitchen gives you more flexibility in arranging your kitchen appliances.

Building Your Outdoor Kitchen

Building considerations are also important, checking with the town building department will identify rules, setbacks, and permits that need to be obtained. Privacy, noise, and smoke are some issues that need to be considered, and your neighbors too.

Planning for your floor layout and the material for your outdoor kitchen are the foundation to your ideal outdoor kitchen. The overall climate in your area and the weight of the appliances you are installing has to be kept in mind. Using durable and weatherproof materials will ensure your outdoor kitchen can stand up to the weather that can last for many years even though exposed to lots of spills, stains, and other outdoor elements.

Flooring and Other Materials

Flooring like marble and or tile are slippery when wet and may not hold up to grease or food stains. Some flooring options are limestone, sandstone, and slate. Concrete is also a great material for your floors, its installation should be done by a professional to ensure maximum results. Tiles are also available, with lots of styles and colors to choose from. For cold climate areas, freeze proof tiles are recommended to avoid cracking.

For your countertops, it’s best to choose lighter colors. Darker colors absorb heat from the sun and may burn you. Granite is tough and doesn’t absorb stains like other stones do. Concrete and tiles will also work great as a countertop.

Water resistance and fade resistant are needed for your outdoor kitchen cabinets. Marine Grade Polymer is easy to clean, UV resistant and is very economical, suitable for budget-friendly projects. Stainless steel is durable, and also weatherproof. Teak, although a bit pricey, can also be made waterproof even with its beautiful natural wood look.


In choosing the right appliances, consider how the desired appliances will fit in the desired floor plan. A professional kitchen designer will help you by taking note of all your preferred appliances by applying the working triangle (the invisible triangle connecting the refrigerator, cooktop and sink) There should be enough space to work on either side of the grills to put your platters and cooking tools. Do not put the appliances too close together. Having different counter heights and workspaces allow different function within your outdoor kitchen, especially if there will be more than one cook. 36″ high counters are perfect for standing pre-work and cooking, 30″ high are ideal for sitting and eating, and 42″ high bar tables are great for standing and resting food and drinks. Make sure that the appliances you will choose will be able to stand against different weather conditions. Stainless steel or ceramics works great in both sun and rain and requires low maintenance.

  • Outdoor Grill – Depending on your preference, a gas or charcoal grill has a lot of features to choose from. Some have extra burners, fryer, smoker, griddle attachment for additional cooking. Others have extra storage, timer, and indicator lights.
  • Outdoor Sink – It is recommended to have an outdoor sink to wash your hands or do the dishes. Stainless steel is great for an outdoor kitchen as it won’t rust.
  • Refrigerator – A small fridge built into your outdoor kitchen will keep your drinks, condiments, and side dishes nearby.
  • Oven – Create a full-service kitchen by adding a gas or electric oven, pizza oven.
  • Vent Hood – A hood helps in removing smoke and odors in an enclosed cooking area.
  • Dishwasher – It will keep you from bringing dirty dishes into your home.
  • Other appliances are beer tap, hibachi grills, and warming drawers.


As a place to enjoy cooking, and eating food while socializing, you can bring in the comforts of your indoor space. Durable pieces can make space look comfortable and enjoyable. Comfortable pieces are great with comfortable cushions. Chairs that can be stacked can help save space when winter comes. A large table can work as a buffet table or a dining table at the same time. A pond or a small fountain can also add a relaxing tone to your outdoor kitchen. For smaller spaces, a BBQ island with all the essentials from grills to countertops. It is also an option to maximize your outdoor space. A television set can also be added to your outdoor kitchen.

Comfort and Safety

For your outdoor entertainment, comfort and safety are important to maximize the use of your outdoor kitchen.

A pergola or a tall roof will allow you to cook, even in the rain. Hot locations may want a ceiling fan. Colder areas may want a fire pit, heat lamps or fireplace to warm up. Adequate outdoor lighting above and below the countertops, walkways, staircases and grilling areas will prevent any accident. Proper ventilation is also important to avoid accidental fires. Another way to avoid accidental fires if keeping your grill clean. For areas with bugs or mosquitoes, a mechanical mosquito device or netting the dining are some considerations.

It is best to work with professionals to guide you in designing the best outdoor kitchen for you and your family to enjoy. They will also take care of obtaining the right permits from your local area.



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