Choosing the right kind of fish and plants to your pond

residential fish pond

Adding some fish can add interest in a garden pond. It also adds beauty, color, and interest to your landscape. It is not only in aesthetics that fish can add to your garden, they also contribute to your garden’s ecosystem. Fish eat mosquitoes and pond algae.

Pond Plants

While it is possible to use a filter to keep your pond clean, you can also opt to clean your pond the natural way. They are nature’s living filtration system. Plants remove and process organic waste materials. Here are some plants that will keep your pond clean.
1. Water lilies are not only put in a pond for added beauty. When you cover more than half of the surface with lilies, they spread out easily. Lilies also give room for fish to hide when sunny or when there are predators.
2. Submerged plants provide clearer water and better water quality. Submerged plants are known to give out oxygen to the water.
3. The roots of floating plants have microorganisms that eat up organic fragments. This debris cloud up the pond water.

Pond Fish Types

Putting in too many fish in your pond may not give your fish a proper place to live. The standard ratio is one inch of fish per gallon of pond water. Too many fish will not give enough room for them to grow. For example, a 10 foot by 10-foot pond can support up to 20 pieces of five-inch fish. It is also best to stay away from fantail fish variety. They are not as durable compared to other goldfish types.

Here are some outdoor pond type fish you can consider adding to your pond.

1. Comet goldfish are called comet because of their long single tails that are similar to a comet. They come in red and white, also with a variety of colors. They are also affordable. Comet goldfish are affordable, making them a popular in pond fishery. They have a lifespan of 14 years and may grow up to 10 inches long.

This goldfish type is resistant to various conditions. This may be weather conditions, or conditions brought out because of the improper way they are cared for. Comet fish withstand changes in weather and water quality.

2. Like a common goldfish, shubunkin goldfish (also known as Calico Goldfish) have long bodies and a single tail. They are known by the black spots on their bodies and tail. They come in a combination of colors, red, brown, blue, yellow, and violet.

Shubunkin goldfish is a swimming fish, meaning they have to be in open areas for them to swim. They also need lots of plants to swim through. Telescope goldfish and bubble eye goldfish doesn’t live well with shubunkin goldfish. They may starve to death as shubunkin goldfish are known not to share food. Shubunkins go well with koi, their swimming buddies.

3. Koi come in wide varieties in terms of type and quality. They may range from expensive to inexpensive. Koi live well with other goldfish like comets and shubunkins. They can go up to several feet long and may live from 25-50 years.

Koi also goes along well with other tropical fish. They can live in different water temperatures, but take note that they do not take well to sudden changes in temperature.

Maintaining your pond’s cleanliness helps you give a good habitat for both fish and plants. Keeping your pond nice and clean will benefit you aesthetically and emotionally. Need more information about fish ponds? Call us to schedule an appointment.



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