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residential ponds

A pond is a unique ecosystem on their own. There are natural checks and balances to keep the plants in check, the fish population in check, so the pond will develop naturally. So when you create a pond on your property, a unique ecosystem is made. This man-made ecosystem will need proper management, like in a natural ecosystem. A management professional will analyze and provide a complete plan to manage your ecosystem.

A part of your ecosystem is aquatic plants. Weeds are problems proper management can control. Whatever the types of weed is, floating weed, submerged weeds, or emerging weeds, there will always be a solution. Green plants give out oxygen for fish, while water plants give out food and coverage for fish breeding. Too many plants are not good for the ecosystem. Decaying plants can cause fish kills. Too many plants can also provide too much coverage for a smaller fish population. This can keep the predator fish from feeding properly, and this can cause a limited fish population.

At Evergreen Landscaping, your protection and safety are our greatest concern. The employees that spray the weeds are trained and licensed professionals. The chemical we use to spray the weeds is also approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Your water plants can also be treated minus the chemical. Exotic fish can be introduced to your pond. Plankton blooms can also be encouraged to protect your water plants.

The slope is also a factor that affects water plants. Growing weeds will be controlled naturally with a properly sloped pond. If built the right way, some weeds may find it difficult to get rooted. Erosion, fertilizer, and livestock waste may affect weed population. These add nutrients to the water, but also make weed population grow easier.

As the pond owner, you would want your water feature to be problem-free. It is also important that you can fish or swim. Evergreen Landscaping has professionals that will design your pond. We will also make sure that there are minimal plant problems.

Pond Inspection

Yearly inspections, done by management professionals, look at water quality, and pest control. They also check the health of the surrounding environment. A thorough inspection of the landscape and pond will help identify future improvement and treatments. Problems to arise are anticipated and will help you get ready to save for it.

After a bad weather, it is important to check your property for changes in the soil or debris that may need removal. Rain may cause erosion and damage to plants before it gets worse. Your water level may increase due to rain. It may cause your outflow device to become faulty. The outflow device is important because it keeps the balance in your pond. When this happens, it is best that you are ready to have it fixed right away.

Pond check-up lets you get ready for any problem in your property. A ground not mowed properly may cause problems with ground cover like soil erosion and plant growth. When Evergreen Landscaping performs the inspection, our landscape management professionals will check the pond’s water control structure. Inspecting the structure makes sure that there is nothing clogging the system.

A regular maintenance check-up also lets you know the improvement of your pond. A stagnant body of water has a high chance of attracting pests. The water may also damage your plants and aquatic life. It is never wrong to be proactive in taking care of your pond. If you leave the problem and don’t act on it, you may have a problem bringing your pond back to its true beauty. Don’t hesitate to call Evergreen Landscaping for a thorough inspection of your landscape. Our professional team is here to help.



Every lawn is beautiful if it's maintained. Having your lawn a professional four season maintenance gives beauty to your lawn all the time. This is applicable for residential or commercial properties.

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Keep your lawn always green! With a sprinkler and irrigation system, your lawn will stay green. Get the best lawn sprinkler and irrigation contractors and stay green.


Get rid of your ugly dry lawn! Replacing it with a sod will turn your empty ground into a fresh and green lawn. We give professional sod installation services to residential or commercial properties.

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Your pond could get even prettier! Installing water features to your ponds will give attraction to it. Call Evergreen Landscaping Georgia for professional pond & fountain services.


Every landscape needs a drainage system. Building drainage system will save your lawn from being flooded and will keep your landscape intact.

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Want to make your landscape more beautiful? Installing a hardscape will increase the beauty of your property. Here at Evergreen Landscaping Georga, we give professional hardscaping services to residential or commercial properties.


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