Sod lawn installation and maintenance

residential sod grass installation

Sod installation is popular in creating a new lawn. It became popular because it is a faster and easier alternative to growing grass. It turns an unattractive yard to a grass-covered lawn instantly.

A seeded lawn looks patchy when the grass first starts to grow, which may take up to a few weeks. Some may not have the patience to look at a seed planted lawn covered with similar and other similar materials. Why wait for the thick green grass to grow from seed? Sod will change the look of your lawn in an instant.

Minimal Irrigation and Watering

Sod needs less maintenance compared to grass seed. It will not dry out as fast as grass seed. Regular irrigation is needed to keep the sod moist until it has completely grown. A seeded lawn needs to be watered four or more times to keep the ground moist. As the weather permits, sod only needs to be watered twice in a day. Not only does sod save on water, it also reduces the amount of time you have to work on in caring for your new grass.

Newly installed sod should have at least 2 to 3 cm (1 inch) of water within 30 minutes of installation. Keep the turf moist by watering it daily or more often as needed until it is firmly rooted. The root will knit to the soil in about 2 weeks. Less frequent and deeper watering should start once the sod is firmly rooted.

The amount and how often watering your grass sod depend on your weather condition. During hot, dry or windy periods, enough moisture must be given to your new lawn. Heavily irrigate and water areas near buildings, drives, and sidewalks. Areas with reflected heat dry the turf more, so water and irrigate as frequent as possible.

Ready for Use

Young grass blades from seeds are delicate and are prone to damage. A sodded yard is ready for use because the grass is already grown. Since it has a head start in growth, it is ready for use faster than seeded lawns. With a sodded lawn, there is a lesser chance of having trampled or dead grass. In two to four weeks, the roots will become established. And in four to six weeks, light activities are still recommended. Regular activities like walking, playing and entertaining can be done sooner than in a seeded lawn.

The first three weeks of a new lawn is critical. Heavy and concentrated use of your new lawn should be avoided. Let the roots to firmly knit with the soil to make sure the turf will remain smooth.

Soil Protection

The soil beneath the grass seeds may blow away until the seeds germinate and spread across the soil. Grass seeds are vulnerable to the wind until the grass growth has spread because they rest on top of the soil. You do not have to worry about this with sod grass. The soil is completely covered and kept in place with sod, thanks to sod’s thick mat of grown grass. Smaller amounts of dirt and mud will be carried around because of the covered soil.

To achieve the best turfgrass growth, a balance of sunlight, air, water, and nutrients are essential. Lesser in one element and more of the other may cause your grass to suffer and die. With proper balance, the grass will flourish. It will contribute to the beauty of your landscape while proving its usefulness in your family and the environment.

The soil gives out air, water, and nutrients to the grass. It is important that the soil in your area is the right fit to grow grass. Some soils have too much clay and are ideal for roads. Air and water are not available, so roots can’t grow. Soils that have too much sand are not suitable for planting because water and nutrients get washed out soon enough. They are beautiful on a beach, but not for growing grass. Other soils have too high or too low pH level (acidity or alkalinity) for the grass to flourish.

Sod Lawn Maintenance

Your new sod lawn will be a beauty that stands out in your property. Take proper care of it to also increase your property value. It should display as a clean playing area that improves your environment. When mowing, remove not more than 1/3 of the grass height. Mowing with a sharp mower blade will help keep its beauty.

A sod lawn, when installed the right way, will turn your ordinary yard into a beautiful green lawn. Matched with good sunlight, your sod lawn will add value to your home. Looking for a sod installation company to match your landscaping needs? Call us here at Evergreen Landscaping! We’ll take care of your sod grass needs.



Every lawn is beautiful if it's maintained. Having your lawn a professional four season maintenance gives beauty to your lawn all the time. This is applicable for residential or commercial properties.

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