Choosing the right tree type

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Trees are very important to man. They give us oxygen and paper to write on. Every tree species have a distinct feature. Basing from their characteristics, you can decide which tree will suit best in your landscape. Simply put, not all trees are the same. Dogwood, for example, doesn’t grow big and stately as maple trees. Some trees have exposed wood like delicate maples, which makes them fragile and break easily. Hard maple trees grow steadily with tougher wood.

Thinking which trees or shrub to grow? There are some factors you have to consider when choosing the tree type. You have to think about how the tree will work for you. Will the bush help block the view from your neighbors? Will it be used as an accent by your doorway or landscape? Or be used as a shield from strong winds? Are you looking for trees and shrubs with spring blossoms or vibrant fall hues? Learning about the bush characteristics will help you in choosing the best fit for your landscape.

Planting large trees provide lots of benefits. They give out shade and improves air quality in your neighborhood. Large trees are also known to prevent soil erosion and flood. Large trees shield properties from damages due to high winds. Huge trees can also help you conserve energy by planting them where you get afternoon sun rays.

Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees are known for their long plant life and reliability. Evergreen trees and shrubs are more expensive than their counterparts. They are most sought after because of their beauty all year round. Evergreens can be wide leaved shrubs like rhododendron or tall pines and spruces.

Pine is the most common evergreen tree. They are fast growing trees with long and soft needles. Pine trees can grow up to 60 to 80 ft. in height. Austrian or black pine is commonly used in the Midwest, with its spreading branches. Red pine creates textured backgrounds and windbreaks, making them popular. Ponderosa pine is effective to protect from winds. This compact tree is also great for ornamental purposes.

The Norway spruce tree is used for a windbreak. It has short dark green needles shape like a pyramid that grows rapidly. The Black Hills spruce tree grows slower than the Norway spruce. They can also grow up to 40 ft and is also very strong and drought-resistant.

White spruce is used in landscaping. They grow up to 60 to 70 ft in height. Colorado blue spruce is also a tough tree, but cannot withstand excessive heat and drought.

Red Cedar is the most popular Cedar tree because it can stand winter. It’s hard and resilient characteristics make it a popular choice for both hedges and windbreaks. They are also best added as a decoration in a landscape.

Douglas fir tree is the most popular for windbreaks and screening. They look great in landscapes because of its pyramid shape. This tough tree grows and is susceptible to drought. Balsam fir, or what most people call as the Christmas tree, is popular for its scent and distinct appearance. The white fir tree is a sought after tree because of its silver color.

The Juniper species of Evergreen trees are also a great choice for planting. Tall types like upright Juniper are used as a textured background. Pfitzer juniper is used for edging and groundcover because of its spreading branches.

Yew can be used both as a shrub and a tree. They are the most versatile evergreens because it grows well in sun and shade. Yew have thick glossy needles and upward reaching branches.

In general, evergreens suffer during hot and dry weather conditions. It is important that they keep their moisture with frequent watering. Watering them every couple of weeks or so protect them from losing moisture. When watering, the moisture has to reach further into the ground by at least 6 inches. During dry weather, apply a layer of lunch, it helps keep moisture.

Later in the spring, it is best to prune evergreens before new buds appear. Evergreens have to be deeply watered in the late fall. Deep watering will avoid dried up branches. Drying out, and cracking due to the weight of the snow will be prevented as well.

Now that you know more about the different variety of trees, it is time for you to start your landscape design. If planted with the proper conditions and care, they can add beauty to your landscape while maximizing its use.

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